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Navigating Guardianship in Thailand: A Guide to Becoming a Legal Guardian for a Thai Child

In Thailand, the legal framework for guardianship is anchored to the best interests of the child, a principle that is rigorously upheld by the Thai courts. This ethos guides the process of obtaining legal guardianship, which is accessible to all, including foreigners, seeking to become the legal guardians of a Thai child.

This process necessitates preparation and a well-structured legal approach. Our law firm has successfully handled many applications for foreigners to become guardians of Thai children over the years. We would like to share one of such cases with you:

Several months ago, we took on a client who wished to apply for legal guardianship of a Thai child, the son of his late friend who was married to a Thai woman. To honor his friend's wishes and ensure a bright future for the child, our client pursued legal guardianship.

Our legal team represented the client in court, adhering to the required procedures for Guardianship Application in Thailand. Given the case's unique nature as one of the first of its kind, we informed all living relatives of the Thai child before submitting the case to a court in eastern Bangkok. Upon learning of our claim, the child's grandmother, uncle, and other family members objected, fearing that our client might not fulfill his responsibilities and could take the child away.

Determined to secure the child's welfare, our team developed a comprehensive plan detailing the child's educational and living arrangements, as well as extracurricular activities. Despite presenting this plan, the family remained opposed. We then challenged them to propose an alternative plan for the child's future. Their inability to do so allowed us to convince the court to grant our client legal guardianship.

The process took about 8 months, culminating in our client being granted full guardianship of the child. However, the court stipulated that the family members could still visit the child, and our client was required to report the child's progress and condition to the court.

At Juslaws & Consult, our family law department is able to help you become a legal guardian.
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