Personal Injury and Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury in Thailand

A basic human right should be afforded to us by our government. Each of our respective countries must protect us as their citizens and with human rights law in all aspects. We reserve the right to speech, the right to liberty and security, the right to protection against discrimination, the right to life, and so on. In Thailand, when a person causes injury to another person's right, property, liberty, life, or body, willfully or negligently, the person who caused the injury is expected to compensate the party that was injured or the damage that was caused. If the damage or injury was committed against or by a foreigner who might find themselves in Thai jurisdiction, a foreign element is then considered to be involved in the case, and the Conflict of Laws Act comes into play. If a person breaches some human rights of another person, the law in the country where the breach occurred shall punish the breaching person, and the injured person is able to claim for damages arising from such breach. One of the laws that would protect the human rights of a person in Thailand is the law in relation to the Wrongful Act.

It is essential to know your rights and responsibilities when traveling. If something happens and you are unsure about liability, contact a trusted law firm immediately, where you get expert advice straight from a well-trained and respected lawyer with a good reputation and a good grasp of the English language. Especially when the place you are traveling to, like Thailand, does not have English as a first language, it can be extremely important to find a law firm that can provide a lawyer who can explain the intricate differences between local legal matters and laws, compared to what you might be used to in your country. Everything from legal definitions to court proceedings and the power that a lawyer, a judge, or a defendant has in court can be drastically different between countries like Thailand and the US. It is therefore essential that your lawyer or lawyers in Thailand can speak English and that their law firm is accustomed to representing foreigners, such as Juslaws & Consult.

The Protection of the Law 

The Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand also enacts the law in protecting human rights as specified under the chapter of torts or wrongful acts. The main principle is under Section 420 which stipulates that “A person who, willfully or negligently, unlawfully injures the life, body, health, liberty, property or any right of another person, is said to commit a wrongful act and is bound to make compensation, therefore.”  Personal Injury pertains to causing unlawful and negligent injury to another person. Such cases often happen to Foreigners in Thailand whereby they are victimized by schemes where their life, health, and liberty are put in danger. If such a case happens to you or to someone else, it is important to report it and make sure you know your rights under the law. If you do not, you must find a lawyer who can provide legal representation and explain your rights and responsibilities to you in light of Thailand laws.

Compensation Under The Law in Thailand

If you are a victim of such an offense, you have the right to claim compensation or damages. Under the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand:

“Section 438. The Court shall determine the manner and the extent of the compensation according to the circumstances and the gravity of the wrongful act.

Compensation may include restitution of the property of which the injured person has been wrongfully deprived of its value as well as damages for any injury caused.”

This section of the law stipulates the amount of compensation the damaged person or the victim may seek against the liable person in order to establish clear grounds between the two parties. Another issue that is common in Thailand is Real Estate Disputes. Particularly when foreigners purchase property in Thailand, this tends to be common. Disputes may arise due to language barriers, unlawful purchasing procedures, or the dishonesty of sellers, for example. According to the Consumer Protection Board, complaints about real estate development companies are on the rise, involving misleading advertisements, sub-standard material and workmanship, and construction delays or contract breaches.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Thailand

The most common kind of personal injury claim encountered in Thailand, especially among tourists or foreign nationals, are accident claims. These accidents do not only refer to car accidents but can also be related to accidental injury at their accommodation or in public places. Should you suffer any kind of personal injury in Thailand, it is important to contact Thailand personal injury lawyers to handle your case. Most law firms will have someone on staff who handles personal injury claims, or you can look for a specialized law firm. However, we here at Juslaws & Consult are more than qualified to handle your personal injury case.

There is a chance that you can be entitled to compensation for your injury under Thai law, and the best way to ensure that you receive your compensation is to contact a suitable attorney and make use of legal services available to you. So regardless of the type of accident, you have suffered or the kind of injury that you have, contact Juslaws & Consult as that you may have an excellent attorney on your side throughout your personal injury claim. Our accident and injury lawyers are highly trained and have extensive experience so that we can ensure, through sound legal counsel and litigation, that you receive the compensation that you deserve to cover your accident and personal injury.

If you have experienced pain and suffering due to the actions of another, then it is natural to want to take legal action and take some of your power back. A personal injury lawyer can offer tailored services to suit their clients' individual needs. Thai courts can be difficult to navigate, so finding the right lawyer for you is essential. When a suit is filed, you want to be sure that the correct legal process is followed so that you stand the best possible chance at success. We have specialized expertise related to the process followed in a Thai court when it comes to legal representation by personal injury lawyers.

Personal Injury Claims in Thailand

People seek the services of personal injury lawyers for various different reasons. Some experience work-related injuries, others find themselves on the wrong side of medical negligence, or they have simply been involved in a road accident. Regardless of your personal reasons and needs, a personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation that you deserve and are entitled to.

Juslaws & Consult employs several Thailand personal injury lawyers who are reliable and professional in their endeavors to settle your claim in the Thai courts. We understand perfectly that it can be extremely daunting for foreign tourists to file a claim in a foreign court system. Especially when they do not speak the Thai language. Therefore, we understand the importance of having English-speaking lawyers who can explain the intricacies of Thai courts with their clients, as well as the differences between Western law and litigation as it compares to Thai law.

Other reasons for personal injury cases include abuse, sickness, or an accident that was likely caused by negligence of another party. As personal injury lawyers in Thailand, you can count on us to offer the greatest legal services available in Thailand.

When we consider a statute of limitations on personal injury claims, we must remember that in Thailand, this is generally one calendar year from the date of the initial incident. Some exceptions to this rule do exist, but usually only when the case falls within the bounds of criminal law, in which case a criminal lawyer will handle the claim. If you have suffered some form of personal injury, it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible, as navigating Thai law can be tricky, and you want to make sure that you receive effective legal services within the statute of limitations.

As is the case with many other countries, Thai law has been stipulated in such a manner that the injured party's compensation for personal injury should place them back in the position that they were before the personal injury and should not elevate them above that position. Generally speaking, things like medical expenses and loss of income are factored into claims. A personal injury attorney would help their clients define the extent of damages and such. It is best to seek out legal services that have a specialized personal injury attorney on staff.

Consideration for Legal Representation

While a personal injury lawyer can manage personal injury claims and damage to property claims for an individual, things are different for corporate and commercial law when property damages are committed against corporate entities. In fact, in cases like these, it might pass over the line into criminal law, in which case any kind of civil lawyer cannot help you. The nature of the legal matter at hand is essential in the kind of legal representation you will need.

The degree of personal injury will also determine whether Thailand personal injury lawyers alone are qualified to handle individual cases, and further implications can arise from situations where health insurance does not cover the necessary treatment. Witness testimony is generally good for such cases, whether they end up corporate or otherwise. There is a time limit for when cases can be filed. A law firm will be able to help you ascertain whether your case is suitable for personal injury lawyers or whether you have crossed the line into criminal law.

In the end, one of the most important pieces of advice that we can offer, whether your claim is personal or corporate, is that you find a lawyer who can offer services in English. A language barrier can be a very difficult thing to overcome, especially between a lawyer and their client, so having a lawyer who can represent you in a native language but share essential information with you in English is extremely important. The last thing that you want is to sign legal documents or agree to arguments and arrangements that you do not understand. A lawyer who can explain everything to you can relieve an immense part of the stress associated with such a situation overseas. You can find just such a lawyer right here at Juslaws & Consult!


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