Notary Public & Notarization Service

Notary Public & Notarization Service

Notary Public

A notary public is an integral part of society because of the critical role in signing legally binding documents. A notary public is a professional commissioned by the Kingdom of Thailand to witness the signing of documents, administer oaths, authenticate signatures and collect affidavits.

Notarial Services Attorney

Notary Public in Thailand

In Thailand, notary services are performed on identification documents, business documents, foreign public documents, and other such documents.

While some may think notary public Thailand exists, Thailand does not have a notary public -instead, Thailand allows for a notarial service attorney ordained by the Lawyers Council of Thailand to perform notary public work.

In Thailand, the Lawyers Act B.E. 2528 regulates the notary public; the Lawyers Council of Thailand also dictates that a Thai lawyer must undergo a professional training course.

The Role of a Notarial Services Attorney

The role of a notarial services attorney is essential in a well-functioning legal system, where the legal services they provide that every party involved in an agreement trusts the authenticity of a signed document. Therefore, the most essential details in the legal services offered are for lawyers of notary services to confirm the identity of the people signing a legal document, their willingness to sign, and their full awareness of all relevant information regarding the document and what it represents.

After witnessing the signing of official documents, a notary services attorney will apply their seal, signature, and notary commission details. They will act as future proof that all the signatures on the document have been verified and all the facts within the document are true.

What does Juslaws & Consult do during the Notary Public?

The notary services provided by Juslaws & Consult work to assist signees in providing their legally binding signatures. Our experience with frequently notarized documents also makes us experts at checking and confirming that everyone signing the document is in a proper state of mind while identifying any potential signs of fraud or coercion by parties involved in the signing.

Our notarial services also include signing and sealing the notarial certificate on all legal documents necessary, thus stating that all prerequisites for the signing were met. In addition, confirm the identity of everyone involved in the contract signing. Juslaws & Consult also administers oaths while physically present at the time and place of the signing, even if it may involve traveling. The notary services we provide also manage all affidavits, contracts, marriage certificates, and other legal documents. Juslaws & Consult also act as witnesses, confirming the items enclosed within a deposit box. Keeping a detailed journal of all notary-related activities and scheduling future appointments with everyone seeking to hire our services is also a part of the job.

Frequently Notarized Documents

Any official document that has been certified by a notary public is called a notarized document.

In general, the kind of work done by notary services attorneys are as follows:

-The certification of official documents
-The certificate of the authenticity of signatures
-The recording of statements made under oath
-Administering and documenting oaths
-Certificate of Identification Documents (IDs)
-Accepting oaths of instruments such as a power of attorney may be used in -foreign affairs and jurisdictions.

The minor administrative demands of major life choices often require a great deal of professional help, with lawyers who have extensive experience. Therefore, should one wish to ascertain official documents, legal documents, or other related documents, they are advised to make an appointment with Juslaws & Consult. In addition, Juslaws & Consult can provide notarial services in such a way that can smoothen the process of navigating systems.

Requirements for clients

Clients are typically expected to provide a photo identification document. Notarial services can proceed once the Juslaws & Consult notary has verified the parties' identities.