US Amity Treaty Company

Setting Up An Amity Treaty Company in Thailand

In 1966 Thailand and the United States of America signed the Amity Treaty. This Treaty would allow for American citizens to incorporate companies in Thailand, with the majority shareholders being American, and having the privileges and benefits to engage in business in Thailand as a Thai Limited Company.

Today setting up an Amity Treaty Company is the preferred way, for most American Citizens, of incorporating a company in Thailand or a representative office. Companies formed under the Thai-US Amity Treaty do not fall under the Foreign Business Act of Thailand, however, the following restrictions are still applicable for companies formed under the Treaty:

  • An Amity Treaty Company cannot own land
  • Also note worthy an Amity Treaty Company cannot engage in businesses related to:
  • Natural Resources Exploitation
  • Liberal Professions
  • Domestic Trade in Agriculture Products
  • Conducting of Inland Transportation and Communication Industries
  • Fiduciary Functions
  • Inland Communications

Who is Eligible for US Amity Treaty

  • American sole Proprietorship – U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization
  • An U.S. Company acquiring a Thai Company, Partnership, Branch Office, Joint Venture, or Limited Company – U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization
  • Thai Company with Majority of American shareholders – U.S. citizen by birth or naturalization.

The Application Process Amity Treaty Company

The Commercial Services Office (CSO) at the US Embassy in Bangkok begins the process of an application to incorporate an Amity Treaty Company. It is essential to comply with all the administrative procedures which may involve various steps depending upon the type of company you wish to incorporate.

Once all the relevant documents have been submitted to the CSO, the Thai Department of Business Development will then proceed to issue out a certificate that certifies that the applying entity is an American owned and managed company and will then be entitled to receive national company privileges within Thailand under the Amity Treaty.

The application process for an Amity Treaty Company is complex and at times may vary with regards to documentation and circumstances. The process may take from 2-6 weeks to complete depending upon the certification and the actual verification process. For this reason, it is recommended that you contact us to discuss your options.