Tax Planning

Tax Planning: Thailand

Tax Planning is a requirement when you own a business, especially if you establish a business in Thailand. In order to oversee the taxable fees your company incurs, one must be able to monitor the taxes of the company through Tax Planning.

At Juslaws & Consult, we recognize that proper tax planning can result in significant financial benefits for our clients. Our top priority is to minimize the tax liability of an individual or a company by providing Thailand-specific tax planning advice and services.

It is also imperative to keep clients advised of changes in Thailand's tax regulations.  In respect of a client's international dealings, our advisors may review onshore and offshore structures and relevant double taxation agreements to optimize the tax position on cross-border transactions.

Tax Documentation

Every company is required to submit different tax documents to the Revenue Department, and if you are not a professional Thai accountant, you will surely need to hire someone who can manage the taxes and accounting matters of your company. Tax forms such as the following are common for companies in Thailand:
For the Social Security Office:

  • Tax Form Kor Tor 20
  • KorKor Tor 26 Kor

For the Revenue Department

  • Corporate Income Tax Return and Financial statements (PND 50).
  • File form of foreign employees' income with form PND 1
  • Tax form PND 1 Kor
  • Interim corporate income tax return (PND 51)

The abovementioned tax forms are just the basic tax requirements that one company is required to submit yearly and monthly to the Revenue Department and other relevant government departments in Thailand for taxation purposes.

That is why it is advised to retain a good and professional accounting firm that can help you with tax matters if you do not have an in-house corporate tax accountant.

The Tax Experts

We provide expert knowledge and services to clients and companies in relation to all local taxes, such as corporate income tax (for a registered company), sales tax, withholding tax, stamp, and customs duty – and offer advice on tax planning strategies.  In addition, we are able to present an integrated approach on matters as diverse as claiming tax refunds, appealing tax assessments, and preparing periodic tax filing documentation for submission to the tax authorities.  Juslaws & Consult has a solid track record in representing the interests of clients with Thai tax authorities in areas of a specific business or legal concern where tax regulations are not clear.  As most commercial agreements are subject to a variety of taxes, the parties involved should be familiar with the relevant taxes that can be imposed. We advise our clients on the optimum structure for a commercial transaction in order to minimize their tax exposure.  In most instances, tax cases that reach Thai courts are examined on economic reality as opposed to the contractual relationship stipulated in an agreement. This is known as the doctrine of "substance over form". In this approach, for taxation purposes, the economic realities of commercial transactions are considered in determining the type of agreement or contractual relationship that actually exists.  In this regard, in commercial contract tax planning, lawyers in our Taxation department analyze the economic reality underlying a deal and draft an agreement that ensures the tax burden is minimized.

We can even offer services and advice to those who do not have a business but must pay personal income tax and are not sure how to go about calculating or determining, let alone submitting personal tax income forms. Are you not sure what the personal income tax rates are in Thailand? Do you need help distinguishing between your taxable income and employment income? Contact us today, and one of our expert consultants will help you with your personal income tax and assist you with understanding what taxable income is and how to calculate your personal income tax contribution from there.

International Tax Planning Services

Even when you have an offshore or multinational international corporation based in Thailand, tax matters and certain corporate tax and withholding tax laws must be understood. The tax implications for such situations can be confusing, so it is best to consult with professionals who can assist with taxation issues and understanding tax benefits in these situations. Do you know what needs to be submitted to the Revenue Department or whether you even need to pay tax for your offshore company, let alone what the tax rate might be? Contact us today so that we guide you through the intricate tax implication network of such situations. Thailand has progressive tax rates, which makes it a good place to start an offshore company.

The Average Taxpayer Needs to Know:

  • The general tax authority in Thailand is the Revenue Department
  • The Tax year spans 1 January to 31 December
  • The usual tax return date for income tax and corporate income tax is 31 March
  • Joint filing is the default tax filing method in the countryNo extensions can be given for tax returns

Both non-resident and resident individuals who acquire an income in Thailand must pay personal income tax. Residents must also pay income tax for business income generated overseas and self-employment earnings that are remitted in Thailand. Individuals are considered "resident" if they have been in Thailand for 180 days or more during any given calendar year.

When the Revenue Department believes that someone has understated their income, they may re-evaluate their tax based on their net worth instead. This poses particularly bad for high net worth individuals, so honesty in tax returns is essential.

It remains your individual responsibility of the taxpayer to file their tax returns each year; this is the same for international clients who are liable for taxation in Thailand. For more information on capital gains tax, standard deductions (such as a personal allowance), investment taxation, all elements of company taxes, including dividends, taxpayer responsibility, property taxes, legal issues related to missing payments on taxes, etc., check out our other blogs on essential taxpayer information. We can also help you assess your tax rate based on your income and tax withheld from corporate taxation. If the Revenue Department is ordering audited financial statements, then we can assist with that as well.

Overall, tax planning is an extremely important part of your greater finance planning for a business, corporation, or firm. Each employee must figure into your planning, and it is best to be prepared for the annual tax payment in advance as paying the following month or even later will incur penalties. Being adequately prepared for taxation can be an investment in your company's future, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients to attain this goal.

Even if you only need help with one element of taxation, such as property taxes, dividends, transfer pricing, cash basis added tax, or employee considerations, contact Juslaws for a consultation today. 


Juslaws & Consult is not just famous for its outstanding corporate and legal services, we are also well-known for our intricately detailed accounting and tax services which we offer to companies in and out of Thailand.

It is important for a business entity to have a good accounting partnership, at Juslaws & Consult, we have lawyers who have extensive knowledge on Tax Planning in Thailand and experience in providing tax planning advice and services to individuals or businesses in Thailand. If you require additional information on any of our Taxation services please do not hesitate to contact us.